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2013 Finnish Nationals Rd1 - Finland


The Round 1 of Finish Nationals was held in Kuusankoski on a tight track. In the morning the traction level was low but was improving round by round. After 5 rounds of qualifying.

In Semifinals we saw the drivers testing different tire strategies for the 45 minutes main final and the biggest surprise was to see Teemu struggling and loosing the pace he had in qualifying and dropping down to 3rd.

In the final Teemu took the early lead followed by Sami, Jörg-Mikael and Tony. After 25 minutes Teemu changed tires and dropped down to 4th place while Tony took the lead followed by Jörg-Mikael and Sami. After 30 minutes Sami had to retire due to broken clutch and Jörg-Mikael changed tires, this left Tony in the lead followed by Teemu and Jörg-Mikael. After 33 and a half minutes Tony had to retire due to a broken belt, this left Teemu and Jörg-Mikael on the leading fight. As both drivers where running a different re-fueling strategy it was hard to see who had a better chance for the win. In the end it was Teemu Who took the win by 3,9 seconds before Jörg-Mikael and Alexander.

Final results:

1. Teemu Saarinen - MUGEN/NOVAROSSI - 155L 45:03.214
2. Jörg-Mikael Tiit - SERPENT/NOVAROSSI - 155L 45:07.169
3. Alexandr Naumov - XRAY/NOVAROSSI - 151L 45:06.929
4. Jari Valkola - XRAY/NOVAROSSI - 148L 45:16.258
5. Matias Kuusinen - MUGEN/NOVAROSSI - 147L 45:17.094
6. Janne Westerlund - MUGEN/NOVAROSSI - 141L 45:05.388
7. Jomi Pulli - SERPENT/NOVAROSSI - 135L 45:16.482
8. Panu Vehniäinen - MUGEN/NOVAROSSI - 123L 45:02.090
9. Tony Raikas - MUGEN/NOVAROSSI - 115L 33:30.598
10. Sami Munck - MUGEN/NOVAROSSI - 95L 29:58.994

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