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Novarossi Trophy On Road Monaco - France


Novarossi first trophy of the year was held at Roubie Race Track on the Principality of Monaco.
Participants were divided into 2 categories: 1/10 touring and 1/8 on road.

The 1/8 category was not short of famous Euro drivers attending the race, Raiola the reigning Italian Champion, who came fifth at the 2013 World Championships 1/8 track in Chiba, Japan, Tironi, 3 placed at the 1/10 World 2012, Silvio Hackler the reigning Swiss Champion, Simon Kurzbuch and Toni Gruber.

The race format consisted of 4 heats of qualification and two finals of 20 minutes. The end of qualifying shows the top three Kurzbuch, Raiola, Hackler.

The first final was dominated by Carmine Raiola with 84 laps, 83 per Kurzbuch. The second main shows Kurzbuch, started out front and pulled a lead over Raiola and Hackler. In the end Kurzbuch won the 20 minute final.

1. Carmine Raiola
2. Simon Kurzbuch
3. Silvio Hackler
4. Francesco Tironi
5. Toni Gruber
6. Marco Vanni
7. Julien Guglielmi
8. Nicolas Rosado
9. David Billard
10.Stephane Van Poucke

Prizes offered by Novarossi and ART to competitors were greatly appreciated.
The event was also attended by Novarossi: Cesare, Graziosa and Elisa Rossi, Malick Diop, Federico Sala and the mascot cavalier king Carlotta.
We would like to thank the Monegasque and the Turbie authorities along with the whole R/C club of Monaco.

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