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2015 US World Nitro Cup

2015 US World Nitro Cup

DJ Apolaro and Thilo Toedmann win US Nitro World Cup was held in the Kissimmee Florida this past weekend.

1/8th Open class

2015 US World Nitro Cup 8th

1. DJ Apolaro (TQ) - Novarossi Mito
2. Marco Vanni
3. Vincent Jackson
4. Chris Tosolini - Tesla
5. Daniele Ielasi - Ielasi Tuned
6. Lazaro Alonzo - Tesla
7. Raphael Angulo
8. Paolo Morganti
9. Mike McDaniels - Tesla
10.Ted Hammer - Nova Mito

1/10th Sedan class

2015 US World Nitro Cup 10th

1. Thilo Toedmann (TQ) - Tesla
2. DJ Apolaro - Novarossi Rex Legend
3. Chris Tosolini - Tesla
4. Scotty Gray
5. Uriah Murnan - Nova Murnan
6. Lon Burling - Nova Murnan
7. Diatta Collymore
8. Chay Blount
9. Steve McNichols
10.Eduardo Cabal
11.Steve Rossi
12.Loran Whiting - Novarossi Rex Legend
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