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Augustin Cutini is Offroad Argentinian Champion

ARG Buggy Pro Race Podium

Last weekend took place the 3nd and final round of Argentinian Off Road National Championship, at El Condor track in Mendoza. With nice weather and a really good racing atmosphere, after 45min of racing in each main, the results were:

Buggy Pro Podium Rd.3:

1. Agustin Cutini (Mugen/Novarossi)
2. Federico Davico
3. Joseph Quagraine

ARG Truggy Pro Champ Podium

Truggy Pro Podium Rd.3:

1.  Agustin Cutini (Mugen/Novarossi)
2.  Pablo Mercado
3. Ramiro Davico


So this way Agustin Cutini crowned as Argentinian National Champion in Buggy Pro class for 6 time in a row, and x5 Truggy Pro National Champ. Also young driver, Matías Cardin crowned as Buggy Open Nacional Champion with his Novarossi !!

ARG Buggy Pro Champ Podium

Buggy Pro Championship:

1. Agustin Cutini (Mugen/Novarossi)
2. Federico Davico
3. Alvaro Colombo

ARG Buggy Open Champ Podium

Buggy Open Championship:

1. Matias Cardin (Novarossi)
2. Francisco Navarrete
3. Leandro Puebla

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