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Novarossi dominate the 2018 Wallace Racing Challenge

Wallace Racing 10th

This weekend was held the 2018 Wallace Racing Challenge in the Kissimmee RC Raceway track, Florida.
Novarossi drivers DJ Apolaro and Roniel Regalado win in their respective 1/10th and 1/8th classes.

1/10th Open A-Main podium
1. DJ Apolaro (TQ) - Novarossi
2. Eduardo Cabal
3. Brian Thomas
1/8th Open A-Main podium
1. Roniel Regalado - Novarossi
2. Walo Walker
3. Paolo Morganti - Novarossi
Wallace Racing 8th


Wallace Racing GT

In the 1/8th GT ROAR 5-port Spec category Paolo Morganti would take the TQ and he also went on to win in front of Fernando Medez as Jose Almonte.
1/8th GT podium
1. Paolo Morganti (TQ) - Novarossi
2. Fernando Medez
3. Jose Almonte
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