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Novarossi clean sweep at the last round of the iMBRA Euro League

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Novarossi drivers took the first 3 positions in the 3.5 class at the last round of this year’s iMBRA Endurance Powerboat Euro League, held in Kúty, Slovakia. The final was decided between reigning 7.5cc world champion Valentinas Pumputis and Andras Berta, who were only separated by 2 seconds after an epic 30-minute battle. 3rd position went to Maciej Szymanski.
This result also meant that Novarossi drivers occupied the first 8 places of the year-long iMBRA League in the Eastern division, with Maciej Szymanski as the eventual winner.

Final results of the Euro League round in Kúty:
1. Valentinas Pumputis (Lithuania), Novarossi, 84 laps
2. Andras Berta (Hungary), Novarossi Mephisto, 84 laps
3. Maciej Szymanski (Poland), Novarossi, 78 laps

Final results of the Euro League (Eastern Division):
1. Maciej Szymanski (Poland), Novarossi, 48.7 points
2. Andras Berta (Hungary), Novarossi, 42 points
3. Tamas Tarr (Hungary), Novarossi, 38 points

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