According to the law and effects of the above law by decree, we inform that the NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l. treats personal data of the parties concerned who have communicated willingly directly, by phone fax, e-mail or web
According to the said law (ref.Art2- purpose),NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l. guarantees that the treatment of personal data is made in the respect of the fundamental rights and liberties, but also of the dignity of the party concerned, referring in particular to reserve, personal identity, and the rights of protection of personal data.

1.Purpose of the treatment of personal data (art,13 Sub-section 1, D.lgs.196/03)
Purposes connected with the obligations provided for by laws and standard community regulations by rules of civil, fiscal , insurance laws but also from dispositions by Authorities authorized by the law and or from monitoring organs. All the data communicated by the subjects involved are treatedfor the fulfilment connected with the activity of the firm, in particular:
- to insert in the firm's registry and data base office;
- for the management of the estimates and offers;
- for the management of transport documents and credit note;
- for the management of book-keeping and VAT;
- for the management ofamounts collected and payments;
- for the management of correspondence, transport, shipment and receipt of the goods;
- to acquit particular requests of the parties concerned.
- purposes concerning the activities of the firm, such as:
- the sending of commercial information concerning the activity of the firm itself orconnectedor associated firms;
- for the exchange of communications concerning the economic, administrative and commercial activities of the firm (for instance the organization of sending advertisements, information as to the degree of satisfaction of the customers etc) by phone, mail, forwarding agent, fax, e-mail or through reserved and private areas of the website www.novarossi.it

2. Communication and circulation of the data (art.13 sub-section sub - section 1, Read Leg. Decree.196/03)
The personal data of the parties concerned, when necessary, can be communicated also:
- to all the subjects whoseright of admittanceto these data are acknowledgedby regulation measures.
- to the collaborators, associates, employees and supplier of NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l., in the limits of their respective functions and/or eventual contract obligations concerning the intercourse with them;
- to Natural person , corporate body or advisers to accomplish tasks concerning the firm.
- to the firms controlled or allies, when communication is necessary in the sphere of results at point 1
- to the post office, forwarding agents and carriers, to send documentation or material
- to the natural persons, corporate bodies or/and public or/and private(like for instance: legal advisers, administrators and state dues, work consulting agents, bailiffs, chambers of commerce, of work public security, sanitary, inspectors, public administration, trade union authorities etc)
- banks for the management of collections and payments.
If it is necessary to communicate the data to thirdsubjects not explicit, the assent will be specifically asked. The data concerning the health state will not in any case be divulged.
The personal data can be divulged when compelled by measures, laws and regulations. The personal data conferred by the party concerned, that the free circulation between the member states of the European union will be transferred also towards a country that does not belong to the E.U, after having the consent and within the limits considered in Art. 43 & 44legislative decree n° 196 of June 30, 2003.

3. Characteristics of the collections and consequencesof a possible lack of bestowal (Art.13 sub-section 1, Lgs D.196/03)
The bestowal of a personal data by the party concerned are compulsory for the purposes at point 1 and optional for A 1. The possible non bestowal could impeach further intercourse, the correct development and eventual law and revenue fulfilments. The bestowal of eventual sensitive data without precise consent will result in the immediate destruction of the above data. The data are stored by NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l. and if it is necessary by subjects indicated at point 2.

4. Conditions of treatment(Art.13 sub-section 1, Lgs D.196/03)
The treatment of personal data is done inside the offices of NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l. or with the party concerned or if necessary with the subject at point " using paper documents, informatics, by telephone and telematics, also through authorized instruments able to memorize , manage and transmit the said data, observing every security measure that guarantee security and reserve, according to the enclosure B of Lgs D.196/03) technical disciplinary regarding minimum measures of security

5. Owner of the treatment of personal data (Art.13 sub-section 1, Lgs D.196/03)
The owner of the treatment o personal data is NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l.
As to-days Barchi Graziosa is responsible for the security of personal data and can be found, with the up-to-date list of the directors or and owners , in via Europa 20,25040 Monticelli Brusati (Bs), 030 68 50 316.

6. Rights of the party concerned (Art.7 sub-section 1, sub-section 2, Lgs D.196/03)
The party concerned has access to the personal data
The party concerned has the right to be informed if his personal data exist or not, even if they have not yet been registered, and liable to be understood.
The party concerned has the right to obtain the indication:
- of the origin of personal data, the purpose and the modalities of the treatment;
- of the logic applied in the case of treatment made with the help of electronic instruments.
- Of the identity data of the owner, of the manager and of the designed representative agent according to Art.5, sub-section 2
- Of subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be communicated or that can have access to them due to the function of appointed agent in the territory of the state, directors or appointees.
The party concerned has the right to obtain:
- The up-to-date, the correction, or if interested the adjunction of data
- The cancelling, transformation in anonymous form or the blocking of the data used in violation to the law, including those that are not necessary to keep considering the purpose for which they have been taken together or treated afterwards.
The party concerned has the right to oppose, altogether or partly
- for reasons legitimate to the treatment of personal data concerning him, even if pertinent to the collection.
- The treatment of his personal data to send advertisement material or for direct sales or for market research or commercial communication.
The above rights can be exercised by request without formalities to the owner or one of the directors, also by means of an appointee who will act accordingly without delay. The request applied to the owner or director can be transmitted also by registered letter, fax or e-mail.

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