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Team Associated's Ryan Mainfield Joins Novarossi


Comme prévu par le pilote dans une interview en LiveRC Novarossi est heureux d'annoncer l'entrée du pilote associé Ryan Maifield entre Novarossi équipe Pilotes pour off-road. Voici une partie de l'interview que vous pouvez trouver sur LiveRC:

LiveRC: You have had some great success in the past with LRP, O.S., and Reedy...why Novarossi?

Ryan: Yes I have, and I want to thank both companies for the past successes we've had together. I wish both companies luck in the future with there nitro racing programs. I chose Novarossi because the engine line offers everything I need to be successful. A broad range of engines with different power bands and speed, great gas mileage, reliability, and a great team backing.

LiveRC: Will you be playing a part in future engine development?

Ryan: I hope to be a part of future development, but we will see. Novarossi has a great group of people developing their engine program, and I wouldn't want to get in there way. After all they probably won't try to tell me how to drive, so I wont tell them how to make engines. Haha!

Interview by Live RC :

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